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Chiropractic-What Is It?

The Chiropractic profession was started in 1895 in Davenport Iowa, when Daniel David Palmer theorized that Harvey Lillard, a deaf janitor working in his buildings, deafness  may have been connected to the unnatural looking lump in his spine. He convinced Mr. Lillard to let him try to realign the misplaced vertebra in his spine. After several visits Mr. Lillard’s hearing returned. Since then the Chiropractic profession has grown to become the second largest primary health care profession in the world.
Chiropractic is a profession that works in harmony with the body’s own natural healing ability to optimize function and improve health. Misalignments of the spinal column can create pressure on the nerves and an inability of the nervous system to work properly. 

When the brain and peripheral organs lose the ability to communicate with each other, dysfunction and disease can be the end result. Chiropractors seek to normalize function by making adjustments to the spine. Adjustments are made to improve joint mobility and remove nerve interference to allow the body to heal and regulate itself.

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    April 8th 2021. As a Healthcare Essential Business in Ontario we continue to operate during this latest lockdown and stay at home order. We will be open during regular business hours and will continue with the Health and Safety Measures that we have employed for the last 13 months.