On Monday July 30th 2018 we will be open in our new location at 124 Deane Ave. Oakville ON, L6K1N3
Starting in June the office will be closed on Monday mornings.
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Family Chiropractic Care

An initial visit to the office consists of a consultation with either Dr. Fleet or Dr. Clinning to see if chiropractic care is what you are looking for.
If it is then a full examination and scan consisting of computerized Surface *Electromyogram and *Thermography is performed. X-rays may also be ordered at the conclusion of the first visit.
The second visit consists of a full Report of Findings where the doctor will discuss the results of your examination and scans with you, and recommend a course of care to help you improve your health. At this time you will also be given your first adjustment and insight on what you can expect from your care.
*Surface Electromyogram- A device that measures the amount of electrical activity in the muscles along side the spine. Muscles that have higher energy readings are tighter and not able to relax the way they should.
*Thermography- An infrared camera is used to take heat reading along the sides of the spine to measure heat differences vs. the other side of the spine. This helps determine how much stress your body and internal organs are under.
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